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It Is Time For BRIEV

By opting EV mobility and charging, you'll be saving time, saving money, and most importantly - saving our planet.

Why Go For EV Charging?

Better for the Environment

The emissions impact of electric vehicles is much lower than petrol or diesel vehicles. Be a part of revolution!

Cost Cutting

From an efficiency perspective, electric vehicles can covert around 60% of the electrical energy from the grid to power the wheels, but petrol or diesel cars can only convert 17%-21% of the energy stored in the fuel to the wheels. 

Increased Premises Value

With Electric Vehicle charger installed in the premises, a premises owner can cater the needs of the EV user. This provides satisfaction to the visitor and increases Premises value.

Planning and Saving

Proper planning of Electric Vehicle charger will recover the cost in the adequate time and also starts return on investment.

How EV Charger Works?

EV Charger are divided in two segments considering their two outputs DC and AC. DC charger is mostly a fast charger whose output current surpasses the on-board AC to DC charger present on the vehicle to provide Direct Current to the Battery.

On the other hand, an AC Charger just provides Alternating Current at a smooth flow to safeguard vehicle's battery life for a longer period of time.

Both AC and DC charger follows charging protocols in terms of output connector i.e CCS2, Type 2 and GBT and requires a backend services protocol to track and pay the charging amounts. This backend protocol is catered by Mobile application for the ease of operations.

Business Consultation

Paperwork & Agreement

Process starts with exchange of quotation and term sheet followed by order confirmation.

Site Eligibility

Our team visits the site on the very next day to analyse the location for smooth installation taking all necessary inputs from customers.

Installation & Permissions

Before installation, our team verifies necessary permissions from the DISCOM or Electricity board to work as per the legal norms.

Utility Connection

Installation team requests premises owner to provide required connection with the help of Premises Maintenance team.

Charger On!

After successful installation, charger will be ON immediately to cater the demand.

Charging an Electric Car
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